Girth Gear

Large girth gears are used where heavy loads need to be carried in rotary tubular kilns and tube mills. As the dimensions of such gears can be huge, it is often difficult to protect the gear teeth effectively against external media. In contrast to enclosed gears, dirt, abrasive cement and coal dust and salt water may enter the open drives, accelerating wear and corrosion. Additionally, girth gear drives are subject to heavy shock loads. - Adopt special heat treatment technology to improve the structure optimization, the hardness, and enhance the wear-resistant and anti-impacting performances. - Adopts high strength steel materials. - Optimize girth gear based on the operation characteristics of the rotary kiln and ball mill, to ensure the stability of the girth gear during the long time operation and extend its service life. - With advanced equipment and technology, the large ring gear can be fully quenched and tempered, so that the processing of the large ring gear has a good comprehensive mechanical properties, while ensuring high strength while also has good plasticity and toughness
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